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How stupid do you think we are?
Stephen Baldwin CONFIRMED 
in Janet Porter's film 
"What's a Girl to Do?"
When Senator Larry Obhof's aide told Barbara that he is "concerned the Heartbeat Bill doesn't protect from conception," Barbara replied, "How stupid do you think we are?"  
Tell Senator Obhof you're not buying it.  He co-sponsored the "Pain Capable Bill" which doesn't protect from conception, and protects FAR FEWER babies than the Heartbeat Bill, which will protect tens of thousands of babies each year.

And don't buy Senate President Faber's excuse about the Courts.  We will have a BRAND NEW Supreme Court to hear our Heartbeat Bill with pro-life justices appointed by President-Elect Donald Trump!




Tell them:
"NO MORE EXCUSES.  Bring the Heartbeat Bill to a floor vote NOW before the six days are up!"
Just click their names to email them.
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