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Keep the Calls and Emails Coming!
From the Statehouse News Bureau:
Click the picture for the full story from the Statehouse News Bureau.
They are IN today -- Call them!
Click the image for the full Senate Directory. Call just the Republicans--they control the vote.
2 most important calls:
Senate President Faber
Sen. Larry Obhof: 
Message:  Don't kill the Heartbeat Bill!  Bring it to a floor vote now!
red in new television ads
Faber TV ads began running in his district on Saturday. 
"Tell Senator Faber to "Bring the Heartbeat Bill to a vote or forever be known as the one who killed the most protective pro-life bill in the Ohio Senate."  
President Faber: how will that look in your primary for state-wide office?
With your help, the Obhof ad will run this week. "When Larry Obhof was running for senate, he told everyone how pro-life he was...."
Tell Larry Obhof it's time to keep those pro-life promises."
If Sen. Obhof doesn't pass the Heartbeat Bill this year, everyone will know I was right in the Primary (when I ran against him). 
Larry: don't let that happen!
A donation of any amount helps get these ads on the air THIS WEEK!
Over 27,000 emails already 
Takes about 10 seconds!
sent to key senators!   
Post this link for your friends to email too!  
Let's Go Over their Heads...
They are IN today!  Call them!
Click the Phone above for Senate Directory. 
Focus on calling the Republicans, or key Senators below:
Last 3 Days of Session!
Don't stop calling!  
Senate President Faber: 614-466-7584
Senator Larry Obhof: 614-466-7505
Message:  Don't kill the Heartbeat Bill!  Bring it to a floor vote now!
While you put your Faith to Action, 
Let us do your Christmas Shopping for you!
Click the stocking below to order your "Light Wins" DVD, and we'll throw in an extra one FREE (while supplies last).
If the Ohio Senate doesn't pass the Heartbeat Bill 
THIS YEAR, the world will know about it.  
How do you think that will play out in the next elections?
Will the Ohio Senators be known for killing babies?
If they don't pass the Heartbeat Bill THIS YEAR, our multi-million dollar movie will expose them to the world (and raise money to replace them!)
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