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Left to Right: Pastor Corey Shankleton, Beth Folger, Heartbeat Sponsor Rep. Ron Hood, Janet Porter, Heartbeat Sponsor Christina Hagan, Lori Viars, Rep. Candice Keller
Will Gov. John Kasich Sign it?  Ask him: 614-466-3555
The quote I've been waiting to say for six years:
"Praise the God of the Impossible, whose name is Jesus."  
-Janet Porter, Author of the Heartbeat Bill
Today's Radio Commentary heard in more than 300 markets
The Heartbeat Bill just passed the Ohio Senate, which had been held it up for the last six years.
Praise the God of the impossible, whose name is Jesus!  And thank you to all of you who called and emailed and prayed!
The Ohio Heartbeat Bill, which will protect every child whose heartbeat can be detected, was added to a bill related to child abuse and passed in the Ohio Senate yesterday afternoon.  The House then concurred by a vote of 56-39 (at 10:13) last night.   
The bill now goes to Governor John Kasich, who needs your encouragement to sign it.  His number is 614-466-3555.  
Call Governor John Kasich and ask him to sign H.B. 493, to keep hearts beating.  That's  614-466-3555.  
Call GOV. JOHN KASICH:  614-466-3555
Think what we're doing matters? 
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Thanks to those who sent more than 25,000 emails to the Senate & to everyone who called, donated, prayed, and fasted.  
IT WORKED.  Let's do it again:  
Email Gov Kasich  HERE
Call him: 614-466-3555
Let's Go Over their Heads Again...
While you put your Faith to Action, 
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Wait 'till you see what we're gonna do NEXT! 
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