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Heartbeat Bill 
Introduced in 

The Heartbeat Bill was just introduce 
in Congress!

Congressman Steve King from Iowa, has introduced HR 490, the “Heartbeat Protection Act of 2017.”  King stated, “My legislation will require all physicians, before conducting an abortion, to detect the heartbeat of the unborn child.  If a heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected.”

Even the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals recognized that “the point at which an unborn child possesses a detectable heartbeat” is a “more consistent and certain marker than viability”—where the court allows legal protection

It’s time we recognize the heartbeat--the universal indicator of life--across the board.

HR 490 will forever shift the national debate from regulating abortion to ending it.

Listen here to
today's audio (45 secs).


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Ohio Update:   Federal Heartbeat Bill Update:
Here's what's happening in Washington. Thanks Dr. Chaps for the coverage on the NRB network!
Need 4 more co-sponsors
Ohio House Co-sponsors needed
Would you please make these calls today and ask:
"If Representative _______ is pro-life,  
WHY haven't they co-sponsored the pro-life Heartbeat Bill yet?"
1. Rick Carfagna 614-466-1431
2. Keith Faber 614-466-6344
3. Anne Gonzales 614-466-4847
4. Dave Greenspan 614-466-0961
5. Brian Hill 614-644-6014
6. Jim Hughes 614-466-8012
7. Laura Lanese 614-466-9690
8. Glenn Holmes 614-466-3488
9. Jeffery Rezabek 614-466-2960
10. Gary Scherer 614-644-7928 -just lost his father
Please forward this email, post it on social media.  
& hand it out at church!
Click this card to see the full variety being mailed at!
Don't forget to Send your Heartbeat Cards TODAY
 to make the next delivery to Congress!
Click the button to got to to send your cards to Congress!
Dr. Jack Willke speaking at a Heartbeat Bill rally
What did the founder of National, International, and Ohio Right to Life have to say?
"When I founded the pro-life movement, it wasn't to regulate how abortions would be done, it was to bring the abortion killing to an END.  We have waited too long and that wait has cost us too much."
-Dr. John C. Willke, co-founder & former President, National & International Right to Life, Life Issues Institute, author Handbook on Abortion.
The time to END abortion is NOW.
Heartbeat Bill  Press Conference Highlights
Heartbeat Bill
Music Video 
Help us finish this.

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