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A Heartbeat Away Endorsements:

“Finally, a strategy for victory in the battle for life. Read A Heartbeat Away and enlist in the Special Forces who will bring the killing to an end.”
-General Jerry Boykin

Janet Porter is a front-line warrior whom I respect highly. She has done as much to protect the sanctity of human life as anyone I know. I’m also pleased to call her my friend.
-James Dobson Ph.D. Founder & President James Dobson Family Institute

“When we one day (hopefully soon) look back on what I pray will be the end of the scourge of abortion on our civilization, there will be a short roster of the key people who led the efforts to stop the insanity of killing unborn babies. That list will surely include Janet Porter, whose long-time leadership in the pro-life world was made most prominent when she launched the effort for the Heartbeat Bill in Ohio and in numerous other states. Her fight was not only against the usual suspects of Planned Parenthood and the far left who have made the killing of a baby a religious ritual, but she was even opposed by other elements in the pro-life movement that have never made sense to me and still don’t. I consider Janet Porter one of the most important figures in our culture today. You will too!””
-Mike Huckabee, Governor of AR 1996-2007, TBN host, best-selling author, Fox News contributor

"Janet Porter’s A Heartbeat Away is an inspirational history of the greatest defensive weapon envisioned so far for protecting lives of the unborn, while at the same time it can be a “how to” book on getting harmful laws changed for the sake of our nation. We should literally thank God for Janet, for the team she assembled, and for His amazing mercy that has allowed America to continue despite the tens of millions of our most innocent being killed. It is a story worth reading, remembering, and emulating for the life of our country, and the lives of our precious unborn."
-Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX-01)

“Janet Porter is the William Wiberforce of our time. I do not know of anyone more relentless and resolute in their cause, or with a more important cause for America at this time. In Scripture the "shedding of innocent blood" brings a curse upon the land. What could be more innocent than a child that has not yet been born? God has raised up a great champion in Janet for the most helpless and innocent among us, and I have no doubt that The Heartbeat Bill will soon be the celebrated law of the land. This powerful book will be oxygen for the fire that is now burning to rid our country of this scourge of death, and help us to esteem all life as the great treasure that it is.”
-Rick Joyner Chairman The Oak Initiative

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