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When is a Beagle Really a RINO?
There's a way to find out.  Ask him to pass the pro-life Heartbeat Bill!
We need Bill Beagle to protect human lives, not run for the tall grass. 

 Call Senator Beagle: 
Tell him to pass the
pro-life Heartbeat Bill NOW!

If the Heartbeat Bill protected puppies,
it would already be law.
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Newest Senator in the Hall of Shame
  Meet Senator Bill Coley
  He's the guy who tried to 
  weaken the Heartbeat  Bill 
while in the House.    Now 
  part   of  the Republican
  Obstructionist  Senate-- 
  blocking the   most pro-life
  bill to ever  pass the Ohio
  Call Senator Coley: 
  Tell him to pass the
  Heartbeat Bill NOW                  

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Watch and Post

Watch & Post:  Fabers's Ad,  Lehner's Ad,  Eklund's Ad,  Obhof's Ad   &Coley's Ad.   More to come!

These Senators are responsible for 20,000 little babies being brutally dismembered each year by not using the power they have to stop it.  Let them know how you feel about that.  

Click their names to send them an email. 

Sen. Faber: 614-466-7584  Sen. Lehner: 614-466-4538    Sen. Eklund: 614-644-7718 
Sen. Obhof: 614-466-7505    Sen. Coley:  614-466-8072

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Who has the highest authority in  Government?  
Use it wisely.  
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A warning to the people of New Hampshire

Janet's Column From the New Hampshire Citizen, September 23, 2015:

Is John Kasich a hypocrite? Ask him: 614-466-3555

A Warning to the People of NH 

John Kasich is a Great Pretender

By JANET PORTER Guest Columnist | Sep 23, 2015
Does John Kasich want "save a life" and "change the world?" Or is he the great pretender?
I was an early supporter of John Kasich - very early. Back in the '90s, Congressman Kasich asked me to speak at events on his behalf. I even debated his opponent for him so he wouldn't have to. I believed he was willing to stand for life and so I stood for him. Fast-forward 20 years and you can see what John Kasich has become - the great pretender.
Why do I say that? Because his words simply don't match his actions.
We all heard his quote at the presidential debate: "If you save one life, you've changed the world." Those words might mean something if they weren't coming from the man who is blocking the most pro-life bill to ever pass the Ohio House of Representatives.
That's right, "Save-a-Life-Kasich" is the one blocking the Ohio Heartbeat Bill which would protect not just one life, but 20,000 lives. Every baby whose heartbeat can be heard.  MORE
KASICH SAID:  "If you save one life, you've changed the world."  
What about 20,000 lives?
Ask him to call for passage of the Heartbeat Bill to save 20,000 lives:
Write a letter to the editor to WARN the people of New Hampshire that John Kasich isn't the pro-lifer he claims to be!  Email it to all three of the New Hampshire daily papers below:
1. New Hampshire Union Leader:
2. Concord Monitor  (email form in link)
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Troy Newman Jailed

American pro-life leader Troy
Newman is the next to be jailed
for his faith.  

Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman is
on the board of the Center for
Medical Progress, who released the
under-cover Planned Parenthood
videos. He flew to Melbourne to
speak at the invitation of Australia
Right to Life.

But a pro-abortion member of
parliament accused Newman of
being an “extremist,” making false

Cheryl Sullenger, senior public policy
advisor for Operation Rescue said,
“Troy has been treated like a criminal
even though he has never been
convicted of a crime and is being
detained and deported based solely
on his religious and pro-life beliefs…”

She is demanding Newman’s
immediate release and an apology
from Immigration Minister Peter
Dutton.  You can too.  You can,
too, with the email found at

Bob Unruh, “Australia Detains Pro-
Life Leader on ‘False Accusations,’, October 1, 2015.

WorldNetDaily Article

Contact Australian Authorities

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